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09 February 2010 @ 07:12 pm
New Post  
Things have changed in the last few days.
Shall I list?

1. Dan. He and I started talking again. He's telling me he loves me again. Is it sad that it gives me hope that we might get back together this summer? I want to. So bad. I really hope he does. It would make me feel so much better if i knew it was for sure, but I can't ask that. He broke up with me. He needed out. But he loves me and misses me and wants me. God. Confusing. All I know for sure right now is that I love him, but I'm still single.

2. School. I am LOVING school! All my courses are fantastic. This semester is so great. Since I dropped French, I'm not so worried about my grade being too low and so I'm just enjoying all my other courses. Sex with BJ (yes that is the course I'm taking and yeah that is my professors actual name :P tee hee) is so hilarious! I love it! Women in Literature is OK but I wish the teacher was more forceful with her ideas and opinions. The Digital Video Design class is good and I like my group but the teacher is kind of an ass. My favourite class is Rhetorical Criticism. I love the teacher, I love the subject, I love the whole thing. I also love my grades. This semester is just promoting that being at Waterloo for English is the right thing for me.

3. My House. I've probably mentioned it before, but I am just so darn excited. Wooooooo! We have divided up who is bringing what and we have paid all our fees. I have my checks and all I have to do now is go in to Domus and hand them in.

4. Reading Week. I'm going to be working like crazy for Reading Week and Kenzie is coming down, starting on Thursday for the whole week! We will drink and see movies and I am going to be working so it will be fun.

5. Work. My first night at work was on Monday. It was really fun. I think I'm going to like working there.

This should do for today. I have two midterms to study for. see you again soon.  
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